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Add your own Branding to any video you want, exactly how you want it to be! add your logos, social info, social feed and many more tools that will make your video & your brand pop!


Sell your products directly from the video! Recommend items seen in the video, join an affiliate program and give your audience the products & recommendations they need.


Zazoo viewers spend up to 50% more time on each video while 10% of video views come from platform referrals.
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Get more engagement for your content. Everywhere.

With Zazoo, you can now easily increase the engagement on your video, and promote your content - without having your viewers ever leave the video. You can create and add any kind of content you need - Shop, Custom forms, business cards, affiliates and much more!.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

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How do I become a Zazooer?
That's an easy one - Just follow the link on this page to sign-up. After you sign-up click on the 'add a video' button and follow the simple steps in the Video Panel Wizard.
How much does it cost ?
Start using Zazoo today for FREE - it's our best feature! Our #1 goal is making you money so that you can focus on what you do best - making cool videos! Let us worry about all the rest.
How to embed 'Zazoo'd' videos on my site/blog?
At the bottom of each video page you will find an Embed button. Click on it, copy the script, paste- that's it. Your video just got Zazooed!
How do my fans embed my videos on their sites?
Same as above. Copy the embed script from the video page and paste it anywhere you want. Now fans can share your new video experience with their friend. Adding to your growing fan list.
How do I make money using Zazoo?
The first way to make money using Zazoo is by adding buy links on your video page. Fans love to know what products are used in the video. With Zazoo you can easily add products, goods and services to the video mix- Engaging fans when they are most likely to make a buy decision as they are immersed in your content!
Do my fans need to have something installed on their computer/tablet to watch a Zazooed video?
Nope. Zazoo is 100% compatible with all modern browsers and Tablets.
Can I share/use other videos I find on Zazoo?
of course - thats the idea. We encourage users to enrich their sites/blogs with content from Zazoo. Our next step is a cross-referral program that will help content owners, just like you, to promote their videos via our growing online community.
Who do I contact regarding product support?
support@zazoo.it . A support manager will get back to you within 24 hours.

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